About B. Sue

i grew up singing and dancing in Girl’s Ensemble at Trails West Elementary and have always loved musicals and singing and dancing and organizing the girls on my street to make up a routine and perform it for whoever would watch and listen.


and now, here we are years later and i am fulfilling my dream of having my own little band and we are called b.sue!

band bio by megs burd:

B.Sue, named one of the “12 Bands to Look Out for in 2008″ by Denver’s alternative weekly newspaper, Westword, b.sous finds some of the brightest stars in Denver’s scene and brings them to the stage in a full-on flash of cuteness and home-made sounds.

Made up of Brandi Shigley, entrepreneur, fashionista, and girl-about-town, Joe Mills, James Hale, new addition Kevin Eady, and horn players Chris Barron and Rick Benjamin-Tebelau Together they bring an original and fun, funky sounds to Denver stages and beyond.

Creating tunes on a trusty Casio keyboard and 8-track by Brandi, the boys bring their years of musical experience to support her quirky and catchy songs. Blasting out quirky and danceable songs like “Cuteness Overload” and “Is It Me or Is It Monday?”, the B.Sue gang works to get people to their feet with their minimalistic and inventive pop sound. The group gets inspiration for their quirky name from an amalgamation of sources: The French word bisous (“to kiss”), along with a band member’s name, Brandi Sue. Voila!

About the members of B.Sue:

JOE MILLS: Joe began playing guitar at age 13.  He has played in numerous bands, including, but not limited to: Chad’s Wang, Rival, the Vagrants, the Peal, Atomic Bride, Three Sisters, the Punji Sticks, Marcus Church and the Levels, Snails and Oysters, Brothers O’Hair, and B.Sue.

JAMES HALE:  James has been playing the drums since he first encountered a set during a party when he was in elementary school. Ever since, he has been playing them with fervent enthusiam each and every day. His influences are grounded in the solid work layed out by the drummers from bands like: Tower of Power, James Brown, The Flaming Lips, The Budos Band, Quasi, and Led Zeppelin. James  also run at speeds reaching 35 mph, and has been seen bench pressing weighs in excess of 500 lbs.

Amy Rosenberg: Amy has been playing the violin since she was three years old.  She is classically trained and is super excited to branch out into B.sue’s fun and exciting world of music.  She enjoys long walks on the beach, quirky independent films, and exotic fine wines.  She is a Pisces.  She partakes in moonlit bike riding, archery, and sailing in the Caribbean.  She likes…hold on a second!  This isn’t one of those dating websites, whoops.  Anyway, Amy is influenced by music of every genre and can not wait to explore this opportunity with B.sue.


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