B.Sue History!

Making the band and my first EP Moon Whales.

B. Sue finally releases Moon Whales on Friday, September 9th at the Hi-Dive! $7.00 at the door, 18+.

One day, after recording some silly songs in a friend’s basement, I took my D8 (digital 8 track) over to my friend Jonny D’s house to see if he could take the tracks and put them onto a CD so I could listen to them.  Jonny listened and loved the ideas and said, “Why don’t we just re-record these songs?”

Jonny had been practicing for his upcoming show opening up for Dinosaur Jr., and our good friend Brian aka Saigon just happened to be over for practice.  That afternoon, Jonny, Brian and I recorded the first 3 songs.  To hear my ideas on the D8 to having them produced with talented musicians was a dream come true. And, to be part of that production and seeing how everything came together was such a wonderful learning experience.

Here is one of the first B.Sous band photos taken by our friend Matt Herrebout. Brian, Jonny, and I. This feels very Beastie Boys to me, maybe because they’re one of my favorite musical concoctions ever!!!

Eventually, I felt like these songs couldn’t just be on an mp3 on my Ipod, I needed to really share these songs! So, we recruited the amazing Daren Hahn, whose played drums with Ani DiFranco, The Eels, and Geggy Tah to name a few, and what an absolute honor to have him play with us when we were just getting started.

We began to play shows out and really had a blast. I started to learn how to perform and not be nervous and realize that I just need to be myself! I began to care less about what people thought about me and more about just having fun and that made playing shows even more fun, all the while learning how to be a better musician and performer.

The summer of 2008

While we were playing B.Sous shows, I was also singing back up in Jonny’s punk band Chewbacca Bukkake. Basically we shared all the same musicians, but had 2 different sets, mine, and Jonny’s. This began to take a little toll as I wanted to focus on B.Sous and Jonny wanted to focus on Chewbacca, so we decided to split up in the most friendliest of ways.  I rounded up some other musicians to form the new B.Sous lineup and Jonny kept his band the way it was, all the while still supporting each other’s creative endeavors.

That summer was so much fun! Jonny is good friends with a friend who is good friends with Adrock from the Beastie Boys and we flew out to NYC to play softball with Adrock on his friends and family team. That was definitely a highlight of life!!

While with this lineup, one of the most memorable shows was opening up for Stereo Total and Leslie and the Ly’s.  ( You can read the review of that show here).

The new lineup

With the new line up and new inspiration behind the band, we began to play several shows all over Denver; The Hi-Dive, The Denver Art Museum, The Museum of Contemporary Art, and Taxi to name a few.

That basically brings us up to where we are now, in a nut shell. We’ve added an awesome horn section consisting of Chris Barron (who plays trumpet with Devotchka, as well as Rick Benjamin, who played on a Neutral Milk Hotel album. While writing this, I realize that there is a bit more history to the band that I will write about when I have time but I gotta get going to a meeting.

I’m very thankful to have such wonderful musicians in my life who can make this project come to life.

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Jeff Greenberg October 27, 2011 at 5:18 am

Hey Brandi & James. Thanks again for the ride home and the invitation to a bbq. Great to meet you.



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