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by bshiggles on June 26, 2013

Wanna know a little bit about B.Sue? B.Sue, the musical spirit of of me… and is an amalgamation of the french word  “bisous” meaning “kiss” and my name Brandi [B] Sue. My handbag business is called B.Shigley Designs, my small business dev company is called B.23 and my musical side is B.Sue. VOILA!

I got my start making music in 2007 when I recorded my own little silly songs on an 8-track, just for the fun of it. I wanted to listen to it on CD so I took it over to my friend Jonny DeStefano’s to record onto the songs onto CD.  Through that process he said, “Why don’t we  re-record all of the tracks?” thus giving birth to my first EP ‘Moon Whales‘.

Eventually I turned the recordings into my band B.Sue.  Jonny’s band, Chewbacca Bukkake, shared band members to fulfill the musical sounds of both of our bands. Eventually we split up to focus on our individual endeavors.

Original band members. Brian Hendrick, Jonny DeStefano, and me!


Orignal B.Sue crew: Brian Hendrick, me and Jonny DeStefano

Currently B.Sue’s sound is comprised of the musical talents of Joe Mills [Guitar], Sean Fister [Drums], Amy Rosenburg [Violin], and me, Brandi Shigley [Vocals and Keyboard]. My musical influences include The Andrew Sisters, Coco Rosie, The Beastie Boys, Lag Wagon, HFT, and many others.

B.Sue’s original songs strive to embody the simplicity of love by creating a whimsical sound that help inspire listeners to experience the youthful and hopeful side of life. Aww yeah! Don’t worry! Be happy!

Upcoming B.Sue Shows

  • July 11th, Private event for Colorado Music Buzz Issue Release Party

  • July 26th, 1070 Bannock Party, all the musicians from my buildinjg come together to play at Bannock Street Garage

  • August 17th, Capitol Hill Music Festival

  • August 23rd Denver Modernism Pagaent

  • Late summer at the new Illegal Pete’s

“Playing in B.Sue has given me many great experiences full of fun, music and friendship.  It also gives me the opportunity to dress like identical twins with my BFF Brandi Shigley”  –Amy Rosenberg


B.Sue nowadays: From left to right: Joe Mills, Amy Rosenberg, Brandi Shigley and Sean Fister. Photo Tory Rust

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