Illegal Pete’s DU

by bshiggles on August 21, 2012

This past Saturday (August 18th), we had a show at Illegal Pete’s DU location. Besides getting fed with delicious burritos, the staff was so much fun to be around! It was the first time that we’ve played in a restaurant environment like this. The stage was an area where people sit for dining and was quite big! 2 steps lead up to the platform that we played on, and I had fun dancing down the steps to dance barefoot on the floor. Here are some photos from our show!

Barefoot and singing felt quite nice!

Barefoot and singing felt quite nice!


B.Sue through the artsy fartsy lense.


B.Sue goes death metal

B.Sue goes death metal


2 amazing musicans Joe Mills and Molly Bartlett (of Sauna)


Between 2 Asians


Sometimes you just gotta do this!

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