April 7th! B.Sue + Beats Noir= Infectious Beats and Smiles at Rooster and Moon!

by bshiggles on March 12, 2012

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Contact: Brandi Shigley

B.Sue + Beats Noir= Infectious Beats and Smiles at Rooster and Moon!

Caffeine, alcohol and music lovers alike are uniting for a night of no work and all play when Golden Triangle hot spot The Rooster and Moon hosts a music show—featuring Golden Triangle business owner Brandi Shigley with her band, B.Sue, and longtime friend JT Nolan‘s band, Beats Noir. This musical combination of infectious beats and smiles happens Saturday, April 7. All ages are welcome to show up at 7 p.m., when the doors open, for the 8 o’clock show for only $5.

“Dull” will definitely not be a descriptor for the evening, as the bands bring a fun and personality to the coffee/pub. The joint will offer an intimate setting to hear some of Denver’s sweetest sounds and interact with the musicians. “The Rooster and Moon has always supported my creative endeavors and when Nate asked if I wanted to play “I said HECK YES!” says Brandi.

“I saw an opportunity to bring music to the community space that Rooster and Moon has become. The Golden Triangle deserves a venue where Denver’s songwriters and artists can come together and do what they do best.” says Nate Meese, barista at Rooster and Moon, formerly of the band, Meese, and currently of the band, The Centennial.

Brandi will be bringing along her longtime friend (and guitar teacher) JT Nolan and his music project Beats Noir, which was nominated into the finals of KTCL’s 93.3 2011 Hometown for the Holidays for their first single “Castaways” and ended the year with a sold out NYE show at Dazzle Jazz Club.

“It is an honor to play with my longtime friend B. Diddy,” says JT.

B. Sue is going to keep things interesting, as always, by switching it up and playing a Casio Keytar and debuting Brandi’s guitar skills (which, admittedly, are a work-in-progress). She’ll also be covering a couple punk classics added to her repertoire of happy-poppy-indie-rock. The DJ is none other than Beats Noir’s own drummer Dave Miller, aka “The Orchid Set.”

B.Sue has been around for about 4 years, and is Brandi’s way “of getting the musical side out of me. It’s a nice break from thinking about entrepreneurial endeavors,” she says. Fun fact: B.Sue doubles as Brandi’s name, Brandi Sue, and the French word meaning “to kiss,” bisous.

To hear Brandi, JT, and more creative and funky local bands, stop by The Rooster and Moon on April 7 at 7 p.m. to treat your ears and get your groove on!

B.Sue: http://www.bsuelovesyou.com
Beats Noir: http://www.beatsnoir.com

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